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You will see and download your current WAEC syllabus for CRS (Christian Religious Studies) theory and objective examination in SSCE and GCE this year.

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There will be two papers, Papers 1 and 2, both of which will be a composite paper to be taken at one sitting.

PAPER 1: Will consist of fifty multiple choice objective questions all of which must be answered within 1 hour for 40 marks.

PAPER 2: Will consist of nine essay-type questions. Candidates will be required to answer four questions within 2 hours for 60 marks. The questions will be arranged in sections as follows:

  • Section A: Themes from the Old Testament – four questions.
  • Section B: Themes from the Synoptic Gospels and the Acts of the Apostle – three questions.
  • Section C: Themes from selected Epistles – two questions.

Candidates will be required to answer four questions in all, choosing at least one question from each section and the fourth question from either Section A or Section B.

The Revised Standard Version of the Bible will be used in setting of questions.

WAEC CRS syllabus

The PDF version of this WAEC syllabus for CRS is available for your free download at the bottom of this Library.

Section A: Themes from the Old Testament

1. The Sovereignty of God

  • God, the Creator
  • God, the Controller of the universe

2. Leadership roles

  • Joseph
  • Moses
  • Joshua
  • Deborah

3. Parental Responsibility

  • Eli and Samuel

4. Consequences of Saul’s disobedience

5. Submission to the will of God

  • David’s submission to the will of God
  • David’s sin, repentance and forgiveness

6. Making Decisions

  • Solomon’s wisdom
  • The unwise decision of Solomon and Rehoboam

7. Supremacy of God

  • Religious tensions during Ahab’s reign
  • Elijah at Mount Carmel

8. Greed and its effects

  • Ahab
  • Gehazi

9. Religious reforms

  • The reign of King Josiah

10. Concern for one’s Nation

  • The condition of the nation
  • Response to the state of the nation

11. Faith in God

  • Faith and courage
  • Faith and power

12. Nature of God

  • True religion and social justice – Amos
  • God’s divine love – Hosea

Section B: Themes from the Synoptic Gospels and the Acts Of The Apostles

1. Baptism and Temptation of Jesus

  • The Baptism
  • The Temptation

2. The Call and Demands of Discipleship

3. Jesus’ Teaching on forgiveness

4. The Trials of Jesus

  • Jesus at Gethsemane
  • Peter’s Denials
  • Condemnation of Jesus

5. The Crucifixion, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus

  • Crucifixion and burial
  • The Resurrection

6. Fellowship in the Early Church

7. The Holy Spirit and the Mission to the Gentiles

  • The Holy Spirit at Pentecost
  • Mission to the Gentiles

8. Opposition to the Gospel Message

Section C: Themes from selected Epistles

1. The Epistles of James

  • Faith and Works
  • Impartiality
  • Effective Prayers

2. The Epistle of 1 Peter

  • Good Citizenship
  • Christians Living among non-Christians
  • Interpersonal Relationship among Christians

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