UNILAG Subject Combination For Sociology

Knowing the UNILAG subject combination for Sociology will save you from losing your UNILAG admission and changing of institution or course.

In this guide…

You will see the direct entry, WAEC and JAMB subject combination for Sociology in UNILAG as well as other requirements for your admission.

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University of Lagos (UNILAG) offers Sociology as one of their courses under Social Science.

How many years course is Sociology in UNILAG?

The number of years it will take you to study Sociology in UNILAG depends on your Mode of Entry or how you gained admission.

If you gained admission through Direct Entry, you will study Sociology in UNILAG for (3) years.

And if you gained admission through JAMB, you will study Sociology in UNILAG for (4) years.

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Direct entry requirement for Sociology in UNILAG

The direct entry requirement for Sociology in UNILAG is as follows.

You require:

  • Very good passes in three JUPEB/A Level subjects: Any three of Economics, Government, Geography, History and CRS/IRS.
  • University of Lagos Diploma in Social Development and Administration (SDA).

**Direct Entry candidates must also satisfy the O/level requirements.

O/level subject combination for Sociology in UNILAG

You require at least five O/level credit passes in:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Two (2) of Economics, Government / History, Civic Education and Geography.
  • And any (1) of Literature-in-English, CRK / IRK or Nigerian Language.

JAMB subject combination for Sociology in UNILAG

The (4) JAMB subject combination for Sociology in UNILAG is as follows.

**Mathematics is accepted.


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37 thoughts on “UNILAG Subject Combination For Sociology”

  1. CRS-D7
    Government -B2
    Literature -C6
    English language -C6
    Visual Art-F9
    Please, can I study sociology with this result in unilag?

  2. Nwachukwu Amanda

    Please can I use English, Lit In Eng, government and economics as jamb subject combination for sociology?

    1. Hi, Adeniran.

      CRS and Literature are both Arts subjects and the JAMB combination for Sociology in UNILAG requires ONLY (1) Arts subject.

      Pick one of either CRS/Literature and then one more Social Science subject to join with Government.

  3. Thank you so much,

    So please I really really need clearance concerning the O’level requirements,
    I had my passes in just this subjects

    English,Maths, Civic, Economics,CRS nd my trade subject Catering craft,

    Please hope I’m still good to go , because according to what I saw online concerning their requirements

    I can use Economics and Civic Instead, and any one of Literature nd Crs, but it’s CRS available here

    Hope I’m really good to go nd there won’t be any changes from Unilag concerning that

      1. Please I used eng crs govt and economics for jamb
        But I didn’t pass govt in my waec.
        Is my course combination which are 5 subjects still going involve government cause I want to use civic instead.

          1. Mathematics-B3
            English – B3
            Lit – B3
            Data processing-c4
            Government- E8

                1. Hi, Jeffery.
                  That you wrote Government in JAMB doesn’t matter.

                  Once they see that you didn’t make Government in WAEC, they will automatically go for the Economics and Civic that you made.

              1. Thanks so much for this reply you gave to Jeffrey,..

                It’s same thing with me,
                I didn’t make the government too in my O’level but according to their requirements I’m exchanging it for Civic

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