List Of Accepted Social Science Subjects For WAEC (And JAMB)

Are you looking for the accepted social science subjects for WAEC and JAMB?

In this guide…

You will see the full list of social science subjects for WAEC and JAMB accepted by all tertiary institutions for your desired course.

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Take note.

These social science subjects listed below are generally accepted by tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Social science subjects

They include;

  1. English Language
  2. Commerce
  3. Geography
  4. Mathematics
  5. Economics
  6. Accounting
  7. Commerce
  8. Marketing
  9. Christian Religious Knowledge
  10. Agriculture
  11. Government


Some schools may NOT accept all of the above as social science subjects.

Schools with specific social science subjects

The schools below accept ONLY the social science subjects listed to their names.

SchoolsSocial Science Subjects
Principles of Account


Do you have something to ask on these social science subjects? Comment below and a staff or fellow Topper will reply you.

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13 thoughts on “List Of Accepted Social Science Subjects For WAEC (And JAMB)”

  1. I choose maths,English,Economics and agric I want to study public admin in uniport but I don’t know if the combination is right

  2. I choose economics, English ,maths and physic to study demography and statistics in OAU but I’m not sure if it should be biology instead of physics

    I don’t know if my combination is alright

  3. Abdulrahman abuna PC

    I included English, government,, IRK and Arabic for political science and defence in NDA am on the right way

  4. I entered Economics, English, Mathematics and Government
    I want to study Accounting in either Unilag or Last
    So I don’t know if it is correct

  5. Umm…..I entered English, mathematics, economics and commerce and I want to study accounting in OAU buh I don’t know if it’s the right combination of subjects

  6. I enter English, literature, government and Igbo I want to study Mass communication in COOU am secared because there is no Igbo there

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