Practice Test Questions On Vowel Sounds

Have you taken our free online lesson on Vowel Sounds and would like to test your knowledge?

In this test…

You will see and answer real past questions on Vowel Sounds from JAMB and WAEC English test of oral exam.

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Choose the option that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the letter(s) in bold.

Question 1.


A. bait

B. bit

C. ply

D. peace

Question 2.


A. pierce

B. weigh

C. heal

D. kill

Question 3.


A. chair

B. ear

C. check

D. cheat

Question 4.


A. lice

B. list

C. least

D. lest

Question 5.


A. pork

B. look

C. snow

D. work

What were your answers to the above questions on Vowel Sounds?

Comment your answers below and a staff or fellow Topper will confirm if you are correct.

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