Practice Questions on Order of Adjectives

Have you taken our free English lesson on order of adjectives and would like to test yourself?

In this test,

You will see and practice real past questions on order of adjectives from different English examination.

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Choose the word or group of words that best completes each of the following sentences.

1. The poor man was pleased to find _______ tyre.

  • A. a rubber old discarded
  • B. an old discarded rubber
  • C. a discarded rubber old
  • D. an old rubber discarded

2. There are lots of ______ in the park.

  • A. luxury buses moving fast
  • B. luxury buses fast moving
  • C. moving fast luxury buses
  • D. fast-moving luxury buses

3. He put _______ in a basket.

  • A. white dozen eggs
  • B. a white dozen eggs
  • C. dozen white eggs
  • D. a dozen white eggs

4. She bought a _____ handbag.

  • A. red beautiful leather
  • B. beautiful leather red
  • C. beautiful red leather
  • D. leather beautiful red

5. I bought my _____ today.

  • A. very green first party dress
  • B. green very party first dress
  • C. first green very party dress
  • D. very first green party dress

Check your answers

Comment below with the options you chose for each question and a staff or fellow Topper will confirm if your answers are correct.

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