Practice Questions on Opposite In Meaning

Have you taken our free English lesson on how to answer opposite in meaning questions and would like to test yourself?

In this test,

You will see and practice real past questions on opposite in meaning or antonyms from JAMB and WAEC.

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Take note.

INSTRUCTION: from the words lettered A to D below each of the following sentences, choose the opposite in meaning to the word in bold.

1. Some teachers dissuade students from studying Mathematics, but others ____ them.

  • A. reward
  • B. instruct
  • C. lure
  • D. motivate

2. I’m not interested in buying that shirt, I think it is overpriced.

  • A. too expensive
  • B. priceless
  • C. cheap
  • D. overrated

3. The family members had a hasty breakfast before starting out on their journey.

  • A. hurried
  • B. leisurely
  • C. tasty
  • D. nasty

4. False witnesses castigate rather than ____ the accused.

  • A. expose
  • B. appease
  • C. punish
  • D. exonerate

5. Nkechi was a novice when she was first employed.

  • A. manager
  • B. clerk
  • C. supervisor
  • D. professional


Comment below with the options you chose for each question and a staff or fellow Topper will confirm if your answers are correct.

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