Practice Questions on Nearest In Meaning

Have you taken our free English lesson on how to answer nearest in meaning questions and would like to test yourself?

In this test,

You will see and practice real past questions on nearest in meaning or synonyms from JAMB and WAEC.

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Take note.

INSTRUCTION: from the words lettered A to D below each of the following sentences, choose the nearest in meaning to the word in bold.

1. Bola vehemently denied stealing the money.

  • A. strongly
  • B. fearlessly
  • C. openly
  • D. strictly

2. The exhibition was an eye opener to all.

  • A. dispatch
  • B. examination
  • C. style
  • D. display

3. Though David’s condition is serious, his life is not in immediate danger.

  • A. grave
  • B. nasty
  • C. dangerous
  • D. hypertensive

4. Whatever my boss decides is irrevocable.

  • A. enforced
  • B. necessary
  • C. true
  • D. final

5. Sule admires people who have unbending character.

  • A. mobile
  • B. steady
  • C. wavering
  • D. unstable


Comment below with the options you chose for each question and a staff or fellow Topper will confirm if your answers are correct.

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