Practice Questions on Idioms

Have you taken our free English lesson on Idioms and would like to test your knowledge?

In this test,

You will see and practice real past questions on idioms from JAMB and WAEC.

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Take note.

INSTRUCTION: choose the interpretation that you consider most appropriate for each sentence.

1. When the Choir Mistress introduced John as a brilliant singer, everyone knew that she was speaking with her tongue in her cheek. This means that she ____

  • A. was ignorant of the quality of John’s singing
  • B. did not intend to be taken seriously
  • C. wanted to deceive John
  • D. wanted to deceive everyone but failed

2. Tobi always flies off at a tangent when a serious matter is being discussed. This means that Tobi _____

  • A. gets overexcited
  • B. keeps digressing
  • C. keeps the discussion lively
  • D. has nothing to contribute

3. Surely, he is a ball of fire.

  • A. a quarrelsome person
  • B. a hot-headed activist
  • C. a fiery speaker or writer
  • D. a very energetic person

4. The footballers moved with their tails between their legs. This means that _______

  • A. they were unhappy because they have been despised by their opponent
  • B. they moved with their tails between their legs
  • C. they were ashamed because they have been defeated
  • D. they moved happily because they won the match

5. What you will find in the book is a bird’s eye view of the subject.

  • A. a detailed account
  • B. a balanced discussion
  • C. a biased treatment
  • D. a general survey

Check your answers

Comment the options you chose for each of the questions on Idioms and a staff or fellow Topper will confirm if your answers are correct.

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