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You will see and answer WAEC and JAMB past questions on fractions in Mathematics on the following subtopics.

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More exam questions on fractions (PDF) will soon be made available for your free download and further practice.

Question 1.

Simplify \dfrac{2\frac{2}{3}×1\frac{1}{2}}{4\frac{4}{5}}

A. 1\frac{1}{4}

B. 1\frac{1}{6}

C. \frac{5}{6}

D. \frac{4}{5}

Question 2.

The sum of 3\frac{7}{8} and 1\frac{1}{3} is less than the difference between \frac{3}{8} and 1\frac{2}{3} by ___

A. 3\frac{2}{3}

B. 5\frac{1}{4}

C. 1\frac{1}{2}

D. 0

E. 8\frac{1}{8}

Question 3.

A student spent \frac{1}{5} of his allowance on books, \frac{1}{3} of the remainder on food and kept the rest for contingencies. What fraction was kept?

A. 7\frac{1}{5}

B. 8\frac{1}{5}

C. \frac{2}{3}

D. \frac{4}{5}

Question 4.

Simplify 3\frac{1}{3}-1\frac{1}{4}×\frac{2}{3}+1\frac{2}{5}

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

Question 5.

Find the reciprocal of \dfrac{\frac{2}{3}}{\frac{1}{2}+\frac{1}{3}}

A. \dfrac{4}{5}

B. \dfrac{5}{4}

C. \dfrac{2}{5}

D. \dfrac{6}{7}

What did you get?

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