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Would you like to know the exact topics in the syllabus where all your JAMB literature questions will come from?

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You will see the current JAMB syllabus for Literature-In-English with the PDF version available for your free download.

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The PDF version of this syllabus is available at the bottom of this Library.

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This JAMB syllabus for Literature is to prepare you for the JAMB exam that will test your knowledge in the following Literature topics:

1. Drama 

  • Types:
    • Tragedy 
    • Comedy 
    • Tragicomedy 
    • Melodrama
    • Farce 
    • Opera etc.

  • Dramatic Techniques 
    • Characterization 
    • Dialogue 
    • Flashback 
    • Mime
    • Costume 
    • Music / Dance 
    • Décor / scenery 
    • Acts / Scenes
    • Soliloquy / aside 
    • Figures of Speech etc. 
  • Interpretation of the Prescribed Texts 
    • Theme 
    • Plot 
    • Socio-political context 
    • Setting

2. Prose 

  • Types: 
    • Fiction 
      • Novel 
      • Novella/Novelette 
      • Short story
    • Non-fiction
      • Biography
      • Autobiography 
      • Memoir
    • Faction: combination of fact and fiction 
  • Narrative Techniques/Devices:
    • Point of view
      • Omniscient/Third Person 
      • First Person
    • Characterisation
      • Round,
      • flat,
      • foil,
      • hero,
      • antihero, etc.
    • Language
  • Textual Analysis
    • Theme
    • Plot 
    • Setting (Temporal/Spatial) 
    • Socio-political context 

3. Poetry

  • Types:
    • Sonnet 
    • Ode 
    • Lyrics 
    • Elegy 
    • Ballad 
    • Panegyric 
    • Epic 
    • Blank Verse, etc.
  • Poetic devices
    • Structure 
    • Imagery 
    • Sound (Rhyme / Rhythm, repetition, pun, onomatopoeia, etc.) 
    • Diction
    • Persona 
  • Appreciation
    • Thematic preoccupation 
    • Socio-political relevance
    • Style. 

4. General Literary Principles

  • Literary terms:
    • foreshadowing,
    • suspense,
    • theatre,
    • monologue,
    • dialogue,
    • soliloquy,
    • symbolism,
    • protagonist,
    • antagonist,
    • figures of speech,
    • satire,
    • stream of consciousness, etc., in addition to those listed above under the different genres. 
  • Literary principles
    • Direct imitation in play; 
    • Versification in drama and poetry; 
    • Narration of people’s experiences 
    • Achievement of aesthetic value, etc. 
  • Relationship between literary terms and principles. 

5. Literary Appreciation 

  • Unseen passages / extracts from Drama, Prose and Poetry.

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  1. Adedeji Mary says

    Please my exam is in 5days.. I want to confirm if it is true that the books used last year would be used again or not…

  2. Tirimisiyu salewa says

    Pls new syllabus for literature

    1. Toppers Staff says

      Hi, Tirimisiyu.

      The new syllabus is for WAEC and not for JAMB 2021

  3. Favy Stan says

    Thank u very much for this vital information….God bless u greatly for easing my tension

    1. Toppers Staff says


      God bless you too, Favy.


    Thank you for these informations

    1. Toppers Staff says

      You are welcome, Precious.

  5. Daniel Tony says

    Please I want to confirm, is this the real jamb syllabus for this year??

    Because I learnt the literature text have changed to this year’s own as waec syllabus also changed…

    Please I really need confirmation because am confused right now

    1. Toppers Staff says

      Hi, Daniel.

      It is true that WAEC changed her syllabus for 2021 but JAMB did not.

      So, JAMB 2021 will make use of the same literature texts of last year.

  6. Temidayo says

    Please did jamb change syllabus on literature

    1. Toppers Staff says

      Hi, Temidayo.

      No, they didn’t.

  7. Olatunbosun Mary says

    Thanks for notifying us

    1. Toppers Staff says

      You are welcome, Olatunbosun.

  8. Precious Jethro says

    Thanks for this information.

    1. Toppers Staff says

      You are welcome, Precious.

  9. Victoria says

    Hey am a student and my school has not taught me the new syllabus because it has changed pls am confused how am I going pass literature like this

    1. Toppers Staff says

      Hi, Victoria.

      JAMB literature didn’t change for this year. It was WAEC Literature that changed.

  10. James says

    What are the novels used this year please?

    1. Toppers Staff says

      Hi, James.
      Here they are…

      Frank Ogodo Ogbeche: Harvest of Corruption

      William Shakespeare: Othello

      Amma Darko: Faceless

      Richard Wright: Native Son

      Birago Diop: Vanity
      Gbemisola Adeoti: Ambush
      Gabriel Okara: Piano and Drums
      Gbanabam Hallowell: The Dining Table
      Lenrie Peter: The Panic of Growing Older
      Kofi Awoonor: The Anvil and the Hammer

      Alfred Tennyson: Crossing the Bar
      George Herbert: The Pulley
      William Blake: The School Boy
      William Morris: The Proud King

      1. James says

        I think that it’s what literature students are offering in waec is what will reflect in jamb. Syllabus has changed…this is old syllabus

        1. Toppers Staff says

          OK, James.

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