Current JAMB Syllabus For English (+PDF)

Would you like to know the exact topics in the syllabus where all your JAMB English questions will come from?

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You will see and download your current JAMB syllabus for English as well as the structure of the English exam for JAMB this year.

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It is compulsory that you register for Use Of English in JAMB, irrespective of your selected course or institution.

The JAMB syllabus for English will consist of 3 sections.

SECTION A: Comprehension/Summary

  • 1 comprehension passage – 5 questions.
  • 1 cloze passage – 10 questions
  • 1 reading text – 10 questions.

SECTION B: Lexis and Structure

  • Sentence interpretation – 5 questions
  • Antonyms – 5 questions
  • Synonyms – 5questions
  • Sentence completion – 10 questions.

SECTION C: Oral Forms

  • 10 questions

Total: 60

See JAMB English syllabus

The PDF version of this syllabus is available for your free download at the bottom of this Library.


(a) description 

(b) narration 

(c) exposition 

(d) argumentation / persuasion 

  • Each of the two passages to be set (one will be a cloze test) should reflect various disciplines and be about 200 words long. 
  • Questions on the passages will test the following: 
    • Comprehension of the whole or part of each passage. 
    • Comprehension of words, phrases, clauses, sentences, figures of speech and idioms as used in the passages. 
    • Coherence and logical reasoning (deductions, inferences, etc). 
    • The Life Changer, Khadija Abubakar Jalli
    • Synthesis of ideas from the passages.

Lexis and Structure

(a) synonyms 

(b) antonyms 

(c) homonyms 

(d) clause and sentence patterns 

(e) word classes and their functions 

(f) mood, tense, aspect, number, agreement / concord, degree (positive, comparative and superlative) and question tags.

(g) punctuation and spelling 

(h) ordinary usage, figurative usage and idiomatic usage are to be tested.

Oral Forms

(a) Vowels (monothongs and diphthongs) 

(b) Consonants (including clusters) 

(c) Rhymes (including homophones) 

(d) Word stress (monosyllabic and polysyllabic) 

(e) Intonation (words emphatic stress)

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