How To Reprint Your JAMB Slip And Deadline For JAMB Reprint 2020

Do you want to reprint your JAMB slip to see your JAMB exam date, time and other important information?

In this guide…

You will see how to reprint your JAMB slip using your phone or a computer and the deadline for your JAMB reprint.

Is JAMB reprint out? Yes, JAMB officially announced that you can start reprinting your JAMB 2020 exam slip from March 7th.

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Take note.

The JAMB slip you got after your registration is different from the JAMB slip you need for your exam.

While the first one is called your “JAMB registration slip”, the second one is called your “JAMB exam slip” which is the reprint of the first one.

And it is this second JAMB slip that contain your JAMB exam centre with your exam date and time… as well as other information for your exam.

How to print your JAMB exam slip

  1. Click on JAMB exam slip printing to visit the page.
  2. Enter your JAMB registration number or Email or Phone number.
  3. Then click on “Print Examination Slip”.

And your JAMB exam slip will be displayed on screen for you.

  • On a Computer

Print out this your JAMB exam slip from a printer attached to your computer.

  • On a Phone

Download this your JAMB exam slip on your phone and visit any Cyber Café to print it out from your phone.

Deadline for JAMB reprint

You are advised to reprint your JAMB slip as soon as the date is announced because no candidate will be allowed to write the JAMB exam without his/her JAMB exam slip.


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