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Are you a Arts student who is preparing for JAMB this year? Then you should download and start practicing JAMB past questions now.

In this Library…

You have been provided the JAMB past questions on CRK PDF to download completely free of charge.

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JAMB repeat questions on all subjects including CRK every year.

Are you ready to take advantage of this repetition by downloading and practicing Jamb CRK past questions?

Download JAMB past questions on CRK now

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Size380.85 KB
Years1992 – 2000


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  1. Ann Sunday says

    I appreciate your generosity for help us to pass our exam smooth and easy may God bless you

    1. Toppers Staff says


      God bless you too, Ann.

  2. Ayo says

    We appreciate your good gesture to make these past questions available to all. God bless you.

    1. Toppers Staff says

      God bless you too, Ayo.

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