JAMB Exam Date 2021 For Mock and Main JAMB Exam

Would you like to know the official dates when JAMB exam will start?

In this guide,

You will see the real JAMB exam dates both for JAMB mock and for the main JAMB exam and how to know your exam centre and date.

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Take note.

JAMB mock exam is different from the JAMB main exam.

The mock exam is optional which means that you can choose whether to write it or not and the result will NOT be used for admission.

While the main exam is compulsory for all candidates that registered for JAMB and the result will be used for your admission.

JAMB mock exam date 2021

The JAMB 2021 mock exam will start 5 days after the end of JAMB registration and would last for a day.

Which means that,

JAMB mock exam date:

3rd June, 2021.

It will take place at any of the JAMB Approved CBT Centre near you.

Main JAMB exam date 2021

The main JAMB exam will start 16 days after JAMB mock and would continue for two weeks.

Which means that,

Main JAMB exam date

STARTS: 19th June, 2021

ENDS: 3th July, 2021.

It will also take place at any of the JAMB centres which will be assigned to you in your JAMB exam slip.


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