How To Tackle Emphatic Stress In English (WAEC, JAMB)


Are you finding it hard to understand and answer questions on Emphatic Stress in JAMB and WAEC English exam?

In this lesson…

You will learn the step-by-step method for answering emphatic stress questions in your JAMB and WAEC English test of oral.

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Take note.

A link for you to practice real past questions on Emphatic Stress in English is included at the bottom of this lesson.

1. Note the capitalized word


Uncle Ben bought Ngozi a new COMPUTER.

From the question above, COMPUTER is the word in capital letters.

2. Find the option without the capitalized word


A. Did Uncle Nick buy Ngozi a new computer?

B. Did Uncle Ben lend Ngozi a new computer?

C. Did Uncle Ben buy Ngozi a new stereo set?

D. Did Uncle Ben buy Ngozi an old computer?

From the options above.

A, B and D all have the word “computer” in their questions except for option C.


Option C is your correct answer.


Click on the link below to practice real past questions on emphatic stress now.

Practice Test

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