Best CRS Textbooks For WAEC

Are you looking for the best CRS textbook that covers all the topics in your WAEC CRS syllabus?

In this Library…

You will see and download the recommended list of best CRS textbooks for WAEC (SSCE/GCE) and how you can get them.

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Take note.

You only need to have just two (or three) of these textbooks and not all of them.

See the best CRS textbooks for WAEC

Download the PDF version of this list at the bottom of this Library.


  • The Holy Bible (Revised Standard Version).
  • New Clarendon Bible Series.
  • Bright, John — History and Religion of Israel.
  • Anderson, B. W. — The Living World of the Old Testament.
  • Kee. H. C. & Young — The Living World of the New Testament.
  • Cambell, D. B. J. — The Synoptic Gospels.
  • New Bible Commentary – Cambridge.

Old Testament

Quarcoopome, T. N. O. — History and Religion of Israel. AUP, Ibadan, 1986.

Dickson, Kwesi — History and Religion of Israel. Darton L & T 1968

Dickson, Kwesi — From the Institution of the Monarchy to the fall of the Northern Kingdom.

New Testament

  • Guy, H. A. — The Life of Christ.
  • Guy, H. A. — The Acts of the Apostles.
  • Pobee, John S. — Matthew and Mark for Schools.
  • Dickson K . A. — The Gospel According to Luke (Accra, Asempa Publishers)
  • Awolabi Joshua — Simple Approach to Christian Religious Knowledge. Elis Association, Lagos 2011.

How to get these WAEC recommended textbooks for CRS

  1. Buy from a nearby bookshop.
  2. Borrow from your friends.
  3. Check your school library.


These best CRS textbooks for WAEC are only recommended and not compulsory.

So you can also use other good CRS textbooks that are not on this WAEC recommended list.


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