How To Convert Between Bases

Would you like to know how to convert between bases that are not binary or base ten?

In this lesson,

You will see and learn the two-step method for converting between bases.

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A link for you to practice past questions on number base is included at the end of this lesson.

Question on converting between bases

Let’s take an example:


Convert 2445 to a number in base 8

1. Convert the given number from its base to base 10

The number in the question above is in base 5, so we convert it from that base 5 to base 10.



= 7410

2. Convert the new number in base 10 to the required base

Our new number (74) is in base 10, so we convert it from that base 10 to the required base 8.



= 1128


244 (in base five)

= 112 (in base eight)

Test yourself

Click on the link below to practice past questions on Number Base now.



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