Best Civic Education Textbooks For WAEC


Are you looking for the best Civic Education textbook that covers all the topics in your WAEC Civic Education syllabus?

In this Library…

You will see and download your official list of best Civic Education textbooks for WAEC (SSCE/GCE) and how to get them.

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Take note.

You only need to have just two (or three) of these textbooks and not all of them.

See the best Civic Education textbooks for WAEC

Download the PDF version of this list at the bottom of this Library.

  • Adamolekun, L. — Politics and Administration in Nigeria. Ibadan: Spectrum Books Ltd, 1986.
  • Adebayo, A. — Principles and Practice of Public Administration in Nigeria. Ibadan: Spectrum Books Ltd, 2000.
  • Anifowose, R. & F. Enemuo (eds) — Elements of Politics. Lagos: Sam
  • Iroanusi Publications, 1999.
  • Appadorai, A. — The Substance of Politics, Eleventh Edition. Madras: Oxford University Press, 1975.
  • Banji, K. — Citizenship Education. Lagos: Dedun Educational Books, 1976.
  • FGN — 1999 Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria as Amended. Abuja: Federal Government Press, 2011.
  • Leap Africa — Rage for Change, a Guide for Young Nigerians who Desire to Make a Difference. Lagos: Leap Africa, 2008.
  • Meneke, O. A. & Nwebo, I. — Milestone Comprehensive Civic Education for Senior Secondary Schools, Books 1 & 2. Owerri: Milestone Publishers Limited, 2012.
  • Nwaubani, O. O. — Citizenship Education and Nigerian Culture. Lagos: T-Excel Publishers, 2000.
  • Ogunbamerun, O. A. — Reading on Campus Secret Acts. Ile-ife: O.A.U Press Ltd, 1997.
  • Okunloye, R. W., et al. — Civic Education for Senior Secondary, Books 1, 2 & 3, UBE Edition. Lagos: Learn Africa PLC, 2011.
  • Olurode, L. & O. Soyombo (eds) — Readings in Campus Violence. Lagos: John West Publications Ltd, 2004.
  • Oni, E. O., et al. — Straight-Gate Civic Education for Senior Secondary Schools, Books 1 & 2. Ibadan: Straight-Gate Publishers Ltd, 2012.
  • Oyediran, O., et al. — Government For Senior Secondary Schools. Lagos: Longman Nig Ltd, 1990.
  • Oyediran, O. — Introduction to Political Science. Ibadan: Oyediran Consults International, 1998.
  • Tanya, R. H. — HIV/AIDS: Hope in the Midst of Despair. Lagos: Megarona (West Africa) Ltd, 2005.
  • Ukegbu, M. N., et al. — Basic Civic Education for Senior Secondary Schools, SS 2. Owerri: Maybiks Nigeria Publisher.
  • UNO — Human Right: the International Bill of Human Rights. New York: United Nations Organization, 1993.

How to get these WAEC recommended textbooks for Civic Education

  1. Buy from a nearby bookshop.
  2. Borrow from your friends.
  3. Check your school library.


These best Civic Education textbooks for WAEC are only recommended and not compulsory.

So you can also use other good Civic Education textbooks that are not on this WAEC recommended list.


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