9 Factors To Consider When Choosing an Institution In JAMB

Would you like to know what to consider when choosing an institution in JAMB this year?

In this guide…

You will see the important things to consider when choosing an institution in JAMB that will favour your admission and schooling.

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Take note.

Any mistake in your JAMB choice of institution can cost you your admission or extra money to correct the error.

What to consider when choosing an institution in JAMB

Here are what you should always to consider before your choice of institution in JAMB to avoid regret or change of institution form.

1. School of your dreams

You might have other schools in mind but there will be that one school that you have always dreamt of attending.

And unlike being forced to a school you don’t want…

When you choose your dream school and gain their admission, the joy that comes with that achievement will always encourage you even through the tough times in that school.

Remember this when choosing an institution in JAMB.

2. Courses offered

Many students have lost their admission or changed course because their school of choice did not offer the course that they applied for.

To avoid such happening to you…

Confirm that your course is offered in your dream school before choosing them in your JAMB.

3. Quality of teaching

Schools with more Doctors, Professors and conducive lecture rooms will have a better quality of teaching than those with less.

But how can you know?

Ask a student of that school to get firsthand information.

And if you know nobody schooling there, join online academic groups Facebook or WhatsApp and post your enquiries.

4. Tuition fee

School fees have been the major cause of many dropouts.

So unless you (or your people) are financially buoyant, go for a less expensive school when choosing an institution in JAMB.

And here is what we found,

Federal schools< ₦100K
State schools₦100 – ₦150K
Private schools> ₦150K

Just don’t choose an institution in JAMB where every penny you get goes for the school payments after your admission.

This alone can cripple your academics and starve you out of school.

5. Reputation

The reputation of a school is how well respected or recognized that school is, both here in Nigeria and abroad.

Choosing a reputable school in your JAMB will add an extra “swag” to your course and certificate in the eyes of others.

But how can you know a reputable school?

  • Type of institution

All government schools, whether Federal or State-owned are reputable. Though more reputation for Federal.

Be careful with Private institutions, especially the new ones because some are yet to be accredited and that makes their certificate invalid.

  • Years of existence

Reputation is built with time so those schools that have been existing for a longer time are more reputable than the younger ones.

Schools like UNILAG, UNN, ABU, UI, OAU for example, were established in the 60’s and you can testify to how respected and popular they all are.

  • School ranking

Some external authorities rank Nigerian schools yearly and the higher your school ranking, the more their reputation.

So it is also advisable to top-ranking schools in your JAMB choice of institution.

6. Competitiveness

The competitiveness of a school is determined by the number of students applying for admission in that school per year.

Federal schools are always the most competitive due to their lower fees and higher reputation.

So when you pick a Federal school in your JAMB, be ready to work twice as much for their admission by scoring very high both in your JAMB and their Post UTME.

State schools are often not that strict with admission and Private institutions can be very considerate.

7. O/level result

Many schools require Five O/level credits in not more than ONE sitting but some schools accept Two sittings.


Universities that accept Two sittings may require Six credits instead of Five.

Know which one your JAMB choice of institution accepts to avoid losing your admission for it.

8. State of origin

All government-owned institutions consider candidates for admission based on 3 criteria.

  1. Merit
  2. Catchment Area
  3. Educational-Less Developed (ELDs)

Merit is their normal cut-off mark but if your State of origin falls within the Catchment area or ELDs of that school, you will enjoy a lower cut-off mark for admission.

So when choosing an institution in JAMB, check if your State is in their Catchment area or ELDs to improve your chances of admission.

9. Hostel accommodation

Though many institutions provide hostels, the bed spaces are often not enough to accommodate all their new students.

So if you live faraway and you are not lucky to get a room on-campus, you’d be forced to rent one outside or lose your admission.

Hostels off-campus can be expensive.

So for your JAMB choice, pick a school where you have a friend or relative living around that school. 

At least to squat with them after your admission, until you find a new place.


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